AlexandraАлександра is a solo artist based in Cornwall, United Kingdom who experiments with the two mediums of story telling and sound, thus she works in the realm of "Experimental Story Telling".
She derives from a strong heritage of Russian, Jewish, and Romani. As a child Alexandra's mother would tell her stories of the old witch that lived in the Russian forest in a hut that stood on chicken legs and would eat children who disobeyed their parents, stories about a giant clay-like creature that protected the innocent, and stories of the superstitions that surround Romani such as were-wolfism and casting curses on people who had wronged them.Using these old folktales as inspiration, Alexandra creates an atmosphere with her music to plummet the listener into their own imagination.

"A Walk to Baba Yaga's Place" is an installation complete with food, live music, and an immersive set for the audience to experience.
A man-made forest will be built in the time space of one week inside the Fish Factory Art Space studio, where the public is invited to come learn and help build the installation for free between the dates of 7 and 14 November 2014.
From the 15 to the 21st of November the Installation will be open to the public for an entry fee of £10. This includes a live performance, immersive set, and a dining with our very own Babushka Baba Yaga.

AlexandraАлександра's goal is to submerge the listener into their own imagination, creating an atmosphere using the five senses:
touch, taste, sight, smell, and hearing. With these elements, she wishes to take the audience on a journey to old Russia where they meet with the old witch Baba Yaga.
Whether or not Baba Yaga will be kind or evil is all up to the imagination.