‘The Cat Came Back’
‘I Don’t Tell Him You’re A Whale Angel’

18th &19th December.
Doors open 7pm. Performances STARTS 7:30pm
Fish Factory, Falmouth, TR11 2TF
Tickets £5, on the door.

ROLL UP, ROLL UP!! To a night of new writing with award- winning,
female- led theatre company ‘What’s Her Face!’

Come and enjoy two new plays written by Paloma Oakenfold,
complete with Puppetry, Freda, and colorful lies. (with an-ever so
little bit of audience
participation)… This is a wild and wonderful night not to be missed!
‘The Cat Came Back’ is the interactive story of a liar, who lies time
and again. But what she doesn’t know is that as she gives birth to
these lies… They start to live and breathe and exist in a world not
unlike our own. Similar but not quite.There is more suffering in
‘Lie-Land,’ it’s definitely not as nice. No one serves up tea and
crumpets for example. And you may be wondering how long these lies
live for… Well they go on and on until the person that first told
them- decides upon their fate.

‘I Don’t Tell Him You’re A Whale Angel’ is the story of a hardened
teenager who has an exceptional talent for art. When the world turns a
cold shoulder on Corinne, Corinne turns to the warm heart and hairy
eyebrow of Frida Kahlo for help. A moving one- women play.
Internationally acclaimed play comes to Falmouth after its sell-out
run in Holland.

Facebook event: Whats Her Face Theatre In Falmouth!
Twitter; @WhatsHerFacePRO
These shows are suitable for ADULTS ONLY! Please bring your finest
woollen attire and double up on those socks as it will be CHILLY!!!

Puppets designed by; Phoebe Oakenfold

Performed by; Emma Richardson, Paloma Oakenfold and Phoebe Oakenfold

Come join us for a ‘Whale’ of a time!


Black and white exhibition featuring art from Falmouth University students.

The Fish Factory, Falmouth Wharves, North Parade, Falmouth, Cornwall TR11 2TF

22nd - 29th of November

Opening View 22nd November, 8pm-11pm

Monochromia - colour blindness where the viewer sees the world in black and white. This exhibition which features artists from the university is brought together with this theme and explores monochromatic art in mixed media, from photography, to fine art, to print work. The Fish Factory's warehouse art space is the perfect venue to offset this gritty exhibition and digital interactivity launches it into the 21st century.

Curator Heidi Denholm's debut in the art scene in partnership with The Fish Factory and Falmouth University features stunning work first hand sourced from the university talent pool. Coming from an events and marketing background this exhibition shows her diversity and determination to support fellow students in launching their work into the art world and encouraging them to be seen and sold in an established gallery by the public. 

Open to the public all week, launch night party on the 22nd with live music and bar. For any further information contact the gallery through their website or facebook page www.facebook.com/fishfactoryarts 


AlexandraАлександра is a solo artist based in Cornwall, United Kingdom who experiments with the two mediums of story telling and sound, thus she works in the realm of "Experimental Story Telling".
She derives from a strong heritage of Russian, Jewish, and Romani. As a child Alexandra's mother would tell her stories of the old witch that lived in the Russian forest in a hut that stood on chicken legs and would eat children who disobeyed their parents, stories about a giant clay-like creature that protected the innocent, and stories of the superstitions that surround Romani such as were-wolfism and casting curses on people who had wronged them.Using these old folktales as inspiration, Alexandra creates an atmosphere with her music to plummet the listener into their own imagination.

"A Walk to Baba Yaga's Place" is an installation complete with food, live music, and an immersive set for the audience to experience.
A man-made forest will be built in the time space of one week inside the Fish Factory Art Space studio, where the public is invited to come learn and help build the installation for free between the dates of 7 and 14 November 2014.
From the 15 to the 21st of November the Installation will be open to the public for an entry fee of £10. This includes a live performance, immersive set, and a dining with our very own Babushka Baba Yaga.

AlexandraАлександра's goal is to submerge the listener into their own imagination, creating an atmosphere using the five senses:
touch, taste, sight, smell, and hearing. With these elements, she wishes to take the audience on a journey to old Russia where they meet with the old witch Baba Yaga.
Whether or not Baba Yaga will be kind or evil is all up to the imagination.

Stuart Robinson - "Get it Here"

 A solo show of new sculptural works

17th August - 6th September 2014
Opening Night 16th August

Stuart Robinson is an emerging artist living and working in Falmouth, Cornwall having studied in London. He has exhibited locally, nationally and internationally and works mainly within sculpture, installation and photography.

'Get It Here' features new sculptural work which investigates our relationship with the world around us. Drawing on personal experiences and utilising signage and set design as a medium throughout the show Robinson will be exploring themes of scale, model-making and set design to explore the paths we choose or that are determined for us throughout our lives.

Strongly influenced by childhood model making and model railway layouts created with his father the work investigates scale as a factor in the relationships we form with objects, places and people as we grow up. He is also interested in the way our memories are flawed. "Often we mis-remember real experiences or remember things only as a photographic snapshot, the photograph thus becoming a substitute for reality." As a result this work is mainly created from memories and photographs without direct access to actual objects. The sizes and colours are estimated from the photograph, memory, film or an accidental amalgamation of several vague memories of things seen. As a result the objects exist as an homage to the item they represent.

Robinson also explores how film can play a contributory part in the way our sole experiences of certain places or objects can be entirely formed from a visual representation. The pieces convey a notion of set design and props; the simplification of the object and their blankness making them adaptable to different purposes. The varied scale of the objects nods towards the use of forced perspective to make objects seem further away, closer, larger or people smaller than the actually are.

In this exhibition the sign becomes a metaphor for the choices we have available in our lives. These choices are often contradictory and with little beyond the façade, but none the less we are given an illusion of choice and control over our futures.
There is an air of the possibilities of childhood with the signs' predominant blankness suggesting a future as yet unwritten. The large pennants left blank evoke the idea of celebrating a place yet unvisited or a potential success or celebration.

                                          facebook page

Gandalf's Mural Jam


Festival of Music, Art, Poetry & Social Conscience

May 21st - 25th inc.

The festival is an antidote to the Euro elections whilst hopefully encouraging people to use their vote, it is also a way of venting feelings and donating ‘NON PERISHABLE FOOD’ to be distributed to those in need. Each venue has agreed to be a collection point on the day of their projects.

The main events of the festival are artistic with an exhibition of satirical by Anna Sokoloska, folk music and blues music featuring songs and tunes of ‘Social Conscience’ & ‘Working Classes’ and combined with a ‘Drown Your Sorrows Beer Fest’.

Events will take place at various venues around Cornwall, including the Kettle ‘n’ Wink Bar (St. Ives), The Big Frug (St. Ives Arts Club), The Blue Anchor (Helston), The Countryman Inn (Piece), The Famous Barrel (Penryn), with the main HQ and many events at the Fish Factory Arts Space (Falmouth).

Wednesday 21st - 7pm - Fish Factory Arts Space, Falmouth - Opening of exhibition of satirical art by Anna Sokolska . Anna who lives in Gdansk, Poland will be organising a special opening in her own city and we hope to do a live link with Falmouth.

Wednesday 21st - 9pm - Kettle ‘n’ Wink Bar, St. Ives - Special ‘Folk Club’ open session led by Alan, where songs and tunes, modern and traditional are welcome.

Thursday 22nd - 9pm The Blue Anchor, Helston - A special Chicken Skin open session ‘Blues Accoustic’ led by Angus with guest Steve Mole, bring your soul and your instrument.

Thursday 22nd - 8.30pm - The Famous Barrel. Penryn - ‘DOUBLE BILL’, first up the Lyin’ Politicians Pub Quiz (Contestants are requested to answer truthfully), the at 9.45-ish a concert with Paddy Joe King ‘A Touch of the Blarney’.

Thursday 22nd - 7.30pm - The Big Frug, St. Ives Arts Club - A mixed evening of ‘Poetry, Song & Literature’, hosted by Bob Deveraux and Phil Saward.

Friday 23rd - 9pm - Kettle ‘n’ Wink Bar, St. Ives - Special ‘Singer - Songwriters’ night, musicians and singers are invited to perform their own compositions.

Friday/Saturday 23rd & 24th 6pm til late - Fish Factory Arts Space, Falmouth - Live concerts and performances, open mic, DJ’s and the opening of the ‘Drown Your Sorrows Beer Fest’.

Saturday 24th - 9pm - The Blue Anchor, Helston - Live concert (in conjunction with Pirates Fest), ‘Me & The Devil’ rockin’ the blues R & B special.

Sunday 25th - 9pm - The Famous Barrel, Penryn - Special open session of acoustic folk music led by Dan, ‘Folk It’, songs of ‘Social Conscience’ appreciated.

Sunday 25th - 9pm - The Countryman Inn, Piece - Great musical finale, ‘Folk All’, bring your voice and your instruments along for this open session of acoustic folk and blues, led by Paddy Joe King and Steve Mole.

New Dawn Traders Apocalypto Party 19th April

New Dawn Traders welcome Sailing Cargo Vessel Tres Hombres arrives in Falmouth, UK this April.


Join us as we celebrate this exceptional ship, her cargo of delicacies and the adventures she's had at sea.

In a series of events you can learn more about the renaissance in sail-shipped cargo through talks, films, performances, tastings, and general revelry.

Meet and make merry with the magnificent crew that is visioning the future of fair transport in the UK.


S A T U R D A Y - 1 9 t h April

8pm - late: The Fish Factory

Apocalypso PARTY and launch of the very first UK fair transport New Dawn Rum.


>> The boat is available to visit by water ferry down at custom quay throughout its stay. <<


Appropriated Space

Saturday 5th April- Thursday 24th April

Open Monday – Saturday

Work by: Elle Sambrook, Stuart Robinson,

Arlo Tinson Curated by: Emma Parfitt

Appropriated Space......
Using Falmouth Wharf as both a departure point and a setting the exhibition will explore the potentials of appropriated space, the work will be presented within the space which it has deconstructed. The Wharf is a space redundant of its intended function and currently accommodates an alternative community.

Spring Opening March 1st

Fish Factory Annual Spring Opening

March 1st

7pm – Late

Private View of Exhibition by Rose Hatcher ‘Turning Worms’

Music Provided by Club Soap

Licensed Bar

This year the Fish Factory is back with more studios, more exhibitions, more events and a brand new bar and event space. Join us for the first major exhibition of the year and in a celebration of Falmouth’s creative scene.

Turning Worms

A Solo Show by Rose Hatcher

Private View Saturday 1st March

Saturday 1st March – Saturday 22nd March

Rose Hatcher brings you her first solo exhibition at the Fish Factory featuring previously unseen work dealing with ideas and expectations of femininity, aspiration and normality in today’s society. Rose’s work begins with photography, often self portraiture. Source images are then re-worked, re-photographed, montaged or made into three dimensional objects as she explores their reproducability and tangible qualities.

Appropriated Space

Private View Friday 4th April

Saturday 5th April- Thursday 24th April

Using Falmouth Wharf as both a platform and a setting the exhibition will explore the potentials of appropriated space, the work will be presented within the space which it has deconstructed. The Wharf is a space redundant of its intended function and currently accommodates an alternative community the work will be a response to the alternative uses and potentials of the site.

Paper Eye

Private View Saturday 10th May

Saturday 10th May – Saturday 24th May

Is your computer looking at you? Does digital technology engage and gaze? Are human bodies analogue and if so is God a computer? What is the essential difference between an LCD screen and a sheet of paper? This exhibition will test the limits of our interactions with technology and the analogue world we inhabit. The work will explore the friction between our ethereal technological transactions and the viscera of human existence.

Fish Factory Art Space is an artist-led, creativity driven gallery and studios on Falmouth Wharves. We are entering our fourth year and continue to provide an arena for creatives of all kinds and of all abilities to make, share and exhibit. If you are interested in hiring a studio or space for an exhibition, or if you would like to volunteer at the Fish Factory please contact us on fishfactoryarts@live.co.uk.



New Adventures in Making

10am - 5pm, 29-30th January 2014

Private View Tuesday 28th January 6pm

Second year BA(Hons) Contemporary Crafts students from Falmouth University will be exhibiting at the Fish Factory for the first time. The exhibition will showcase work at a midpoint in their studies in response to the brief 'Audience and Identity'.

The course is a broad based three dimensional design award which focuses on developing the creative skills required to successfully design and make objects in a range of materials including: jewellery, lighting, ceramics and glass.

Fish Factory Art Space in 2014

The quiet winter time will soon be drawing to a close and the Fish Factory will be bringing you a full program of art, music and events from March. We've been beavering away at the space building new studios, freshening up our style and are pleased to announce we will be unveiling a brand new bar and event area which will be holding all sorts of smaller exhibitions, film screenings and live events in a warm and cosy environment!

We'll be in touch very soon with a full program of Spring events which will kick off on the 1st March with our annual Spring Opening Party where we'll welcome in the new season with an exhibition opening, event space launch, music and a licensed bar. Hope to see you all there!